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Thread: Ford 8N rat?

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    Default Ford 8N rat?

    So I was out at an auction today and saw a ford 8N that was up for auction, noticed another one for sale in my facebook feed for $800, I have one in my yard that still runs great but never gets used.

    These things are EVERYWHERE, cheap, and they look cool.

    I thought about how cool it would look as a 1/4 mile dragster, then thought about how it would look as a side saddle four wheeled rat bike.

    Such a build would not be without its problems, they have NO suspension I dont think there is a way around that, and the frame is also the housing for all the drive components.

    I started looking and found many that had been converted to V8 for a "hold my beer and watch this" tractor pull type situation

    Then i found this

    Apparently that's a conversion kit

    Now take that and put some smaller tires on the back, flip the front suspension and cut it to bring the tires back down under the frame (probably just have to rebuild the entire front bar since its cast) and you have a really cool but really slow ride. Not sure if you could hide a sportier transmission and rear end in the frame, but it's probably possible

    Anyway I dont have the time to work on my current rotting specimen of a 1941 dodge and am not cutting apart my perfectly good tho obsolete 8n, but I thought maybe someone here would like this idea.
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    They are some slick little tractors. I have seen on with an FE Ford motor (390).



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