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$15k asking price

Car is located in Burbank, CA

I'm open to partial trades for 1964-68 Pontiac Tempest or similar body style cars, running, non-basket case, even 4-doors.

For sale is my 1929 Ford Coupester (titled in TN as a roadster). It started out as a coupester conversion sometime in the 60s and I carried it much further over the past several years. I shortened the length of the body/doors by 4.5" to improve on the body proportions, and the doors have been narrowed to roadster thickness. The panel above the trunk was also replaced with a roadster one to unify the look. Here's the more specs:

-Chevy 305 with Edelbrock Performer package (cam, intake, etc), NEW Edelbrock 1406 carb, NEW HEI distributor, water pump, etc
-Aluminum Powerglide transmission, floor shift
-Model T gas tank and battery box in the trunk
-Juice brakes all around
-8" Ford rear, new drums, shoes, internals
-Original Henry Ford axle dropped by Okie Joe
-32 Chevy Hood for longer hood length
-35 Ford wire wheels
-55 Buick steering wheel
-Cowl modified to accommodate real roadster stanchions and windshield
-Patina paintjob to give it the Post-War gow job look
-Cowl steering via BMW 2002 steering box
-E-brake via classic Porche e-brake handle
-The numbers on the side wash off!
-Extra electrical fan with switch on dash for those hot CA days in traffic
-Headlights converted to halogens!
-Partially boxed frame
-Gas shocks front and back to smooth the ride on our *wonderful* CA roads!
-Glass packed mufflers and custom exhaust
-Custom rag top frame in progress (if you want it) and extra patch panels. Any area where it was patched in the 60s that you may not like, I had sand blasted and primed, but kept it for the "gow job" look. The patch panels I have are for all those areas if you want to change it!

I'd love to hear from you if you're truly interested, and we can talk further....*HOWEVER*, this is what I'm NOT interested in:
-Anyone trying to "sell" it for me
-Trades for random things like late model clunkers, travel trailers, bike parts, crud you don't want in the first place
-Folks contacting me to tell me what it's *not* worth
-Scammers....I've dealt with it before, so I can smell it coming.
-I won't do spec work on it for you per your request before buying.

What I *DO* expect:
-Honest dealings by honest people. If this car isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty more out there, it is what it is.
-I'm not selling this due to any financial hardship or personal need. I'm actually selling it to benefit my church and their new building, so if you want to negotiate price and perhaps a tax deductible donation to my church, that's a possibility.