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    Default 47-53 title request

    See if any one has and or know where i could get a title for a 47-53 chevy 1/2 truck . Im in texas an i have been tryinf to get a title for my car but have run into problems
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    have a 50 gmc for 199.

    gets you tagged................

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    Are you will to do 140 ...i want it to be a chevy but if i have to ill get the gmc to get it going

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    sorry, I already dropped the price- it is a bargain at 199.

    good luck to you!

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    Do you have a number , i get paid friday

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    Anyone else know of any other titles of my truck ?.also .thank you ron for the reply?
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    ? Anyone ? One else ?

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    Pm sent got a 52

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    I got my title today from hawkbitch1 ,thank you so much for the good deal



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