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    Default 27 Tall T long shifter for c60 automatic?

    I want to put a tall shifter in my Rat Rod 27 Ford Tudor. Can anyone give some input on how to go about it using the ratcheting mechanism for the gear selector. The cable in the floor shifter works well just want Bigger is better...

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    The issue with most ratcheting auto shifters is there is a lock release that has to be released before you can move across the forward/neutral/reverse gates. That is generally a lever inside the hollow outside tube that needs to be pressed downward. That inside lever only needs to press down about a 1/2 inch.

    In the past, I have made the outside tube however I wanted it, then made an inside rod pinned to the outside tube. To shift, you have to press down on the whole shift rod. That could be an issue if the shift rod is too long to be able to press it down.

    A "T" shift handle has a center rod with the top cut at a 45 degree angle, and a shorter rod inside the "T" you push in with your thumb that is also cut at a 45 degree angle. The 2 45s are against each other, so when you push the rod in the "T" handle, it forces the inside center rod down, and you move the shift handle as you please. The challenge with this is the rod inside the "T" has top somehow be spring loaded pushing out or the gates in the ratchet shift mechanism won't lock in gears. Also, the weight of the entire shift handle can not exceed the capacity of the ratchet mechanism locking gate spring or the gate won't lock. Gene



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