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    Default New guy from Mustang Okla

    Howdy from central Oklahoma.

    I've been a car guy since I was born, some 30 & a whole bunch of years ago.

    My main vehicle(s) in the stable are '53-'56 Ford trucks: a '56 F-100, a '56 COE, a '54 F-100, none of which are running yet, in addition to a slew of various body parts squirreled away for my time, money and effort. My preference probably doesn't totally comply with the killbillet theme; I know I have to hide in the back rooms of social forums on *that other* prevalent traditional and kustom hot rod web forum. I'm respectful of that, though. I know how to play well with others and respect others and will learn the lay of the land here. So far from what I see, it's a great little place of the hot rod online ethers.

    I'm pretty busy with life, work, church, being a decent husband, father, neighbor. I don't get very much time yet to spend with my toys, but that's alright. In due time, and in the meantime, I participate in places like killbillet to learn and share ideas and encouragement to save the diminishing supply of classic and antique vehicles.

    Glad to be here, and already have a couple things I'm looking specifically to learn and am hopeful a trove of answers can be had here.



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    welcome from Moore, Ok

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    Heya, thanks neighbor!

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    Welcome from New Mexico.



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