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    Default Frame swap and registering in Pa help

    Posting here because I didn't see much traffic in the legal section. Hope this is ok

    I'm in PA. I am swapping either a 1949 or 1950 Studebaker pick up onto a 1998 Dakota. I have titles and bills of sale for a three vehicles. The 1998 Dak has been modified from v6 fuel injection to v8 carb.
    I don't need emission where I live
    Local DMV and local Title/tag place don't really understand what I am doing. I usually explain it a few times. They usually have a look on their face like why would you do that?

    This is not a street rod(must be 1948 or older)
    Is this an antique or a classic?
    Can I still call this a 1950/1949 Studebaker 2r5 pick up and register and insure it under that guise?
    I did find an enhanced vehicle inspection station and will stop by next week. I hope they can help

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    Check into a reconstructed title, maybe an antique title.



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