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    superior montana on 1.25 acres out of town


    Looking good and very well documented. Having a wife that wants to do anything together is awesome in the day of "technology" we live in.

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    Wow, so cool! I love what youre doing!

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    had a great couple weekends with the family, fixed up my office with a bed and finished the bathroom so a close family friend could stay with us a couple weeks, new job here in town, he is from tulsa.

    got some work done previously, the daughter who steals the phone cord is on summer break and never home (mostly) so I picked up another cord.

    pulled the doors apart, the windows were jammed and the passenger latch had sat in the field with the window slightly down and the door handle at a 45 degree droop. the latch refused to work, penetrant didnt work, 50/50 acetone/tranny fluid didnt work, heat didnt work.

    I pulled the latch and soaked it in vinegar for about a week. it looked better but didnt work still. I ground out the attachments and started grinding out serious rusty crust.

    I had to tack weld it back together since the way it was assembled previously was with little tabs that got smashed over to make the assembly. easy peasy though. I replaced the compression spring inside so the door handle would stay at 90 degrees, it is really smooth now

    works great now, inside handle hooked up and working. need to install the new window weather stripping/felts because the way the assembly works is to put the window in the channel and then put in the regulator/door latch assembly. I picked up the window kit and some stainless 55 taillights from bowtie bits today.

    pedals in and hooked up

    you might notice I am missing about 1/3 of the floor.

    I have another in the parts pile but rather than "paying it forward" like I always do and borrowing parts from the next truck, I decided to make the missing piece. I picked up a sheet of 20 ga and made a wooden buck to pound on.

    I also got the kydex installed in the grille area to make the air scoop to the radiator, and picked up all the fittings to hook up the trans cooler. I also cut another set of 47-54 s10 mounts for a local guy, that took the rest of the day.

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    finished the passenger door up. new felts from repops that have a foam center section to really seal up, I cant wait to hear the wind noise.

    got the regulator installed and the new glass. which is tinted, I thought it was film but its actually tinted glass. so I will probably have to pull the drivers window I have so they match. regulator works smooth with some lithium grease

    my rebuilt door latch linkage works perfect too.

    I made my small trans bump, if it looks like a spade shovel its because thats what I used for the rough shape.

    visited a rusty impala at the behest of my brother back east, the same guy had this tucked away

    yes its a numbers matching car, with what he said about is 20% of its original sheetmetal. it was a very rusty car but looks beautiful now.

    I ordered whitewalls and steering parts, closing in on this one! found the broken brake switch parts finally, the one vacuum control switch is called a "cruise release" and took forever to track down.
    went to the hutch swap meet and scored belltech drop spindles and drop springs for the next truck! woot!

    finished the floor repairs today. should work nicely. I pulled all the assembly screws except one accidentaly hit it with the welder and its permanent now.

    whitewalls are here, man summit is outstanding for shipping, ordered late wednesday had everything friday noon! undecided on wheel color, decided to give the bronze metallic, the color I was thinking of using on the windshield frame because it kind of matches the other windows, a try. I like it

    now cap? or no cap?

    I love those impala poverty caps, I ran the identical cap (except they had buick emblem instead of the bowtie) on my 65 and loved the look, maybe I will get the tires mounted and see what I think. I also have a 60s set of baby moons to try, but I think the chrome acorn nut look and no caps will be what I settle on.

    jeeze. with all the planning, I still make mistakes. tried out the borgeson collapsible shaft today too. perfect length, right u joints, everything good except

    it only needs about 1/4" to line up so tomorrow I will modify the alternator support and take off the offending nut. it fits everywhere else just fine.

    more to come! my oldest has come for a visit so I have weird work hours this week.


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