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  1. Default Another 'rat' newbie, another s10 frame build , Hi! from BC canada

    Hi all from the great white Northwest. Bit of a lurker decided to register.

    dunno if my particular project will be well met here by definition, but hey why not. 'first' rendition should throw me in the $3k club, atleast till the '2nd' motor and trans build starts LOL

    so I'm taking an 87 s10, stripping body off, with exception of the firewall and floor (brakes, heater, steering, etc in tact)

    swap in 3800 v6 and 4L60E from a 97 camaro, harness, gauges, PCM ..etc

    now the fun part...

    take 70's bug body .. install on s10 frame, lining up/trimming firewall/floor ...

    now heres the fun part.... hack off bug nose .. cut out rear wheel wells, and move behind rear window lengthwise. fabricate nose and trunk, to end up with a late 30's style 5 window 'coupe' with a back seat

    after initial make roadworthy, I will be doing a supercharged 3800 v6 build for it .. lumpy cam, blower whine. have the 4l60e rebuilt to survive some actual power.(both entirely overbuilt for this level)

    also the S10 undersides getting 4link rear, airbag all 4 corners, change front suspension bits to more Gbody style specs ..sway bars.. etc.

    so there ya go... i'm building a 'fake' late 30's customized 5 window coupe. I'm not sure how 'ratty' it will be in the end.. but definately not shiney or polished.. this is entirely a fun build no shiney, no stress

    as for about me. up until a 2 years ago I was a auto tech and fabricator (spend alot of time in small shops that took on all the swaps/building/weird stuff no one else would) of about 18years. WCB (workers comp board) retired me from any form of said type work due to both my hands and arms failing to work properly (basically perm effects of all forms of tendonitus, and carpal tunnel without the option of corrective surgery ) ... basically worked too hard torched my arms...

    so I decided to go back to school, Mechanical engineering technologist (junior engineer in laymans terms) .

    'bout a year ago the wife caught me looking at parts for the new minivan and the words "FIne, you can build another toy, leave the van alone" ... after getting her to repeat said phrase for audio recording, I set forth to gather bits for this build with loose ideas in my head.

    The s10's been waiting it's turn for tear down for about a year (it was free, friend just wants the body parts from it) ... the bug body should be delivered early march (it was heading for scrap... the 'restorers' around here didn't want it) ... and the camaro is sitting in another friends back 40 awaiting my hey okay to get the 'front cut' brought up to my place.

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    sounds awesome! welcome

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    If your changing everything on the s10 chassis, why use it? I like S10 chassis, I use them a lot. And I do modify them but to replace everything?

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    all the chassis changes I'm doing are bolt on. using S10 chassis cause it was free, and all these bolt on bits exist for it. even the 3800 will technically be "bolt in" as the truck is a 2.8 truck so I just need to make the plates same as the 350 swap kits use (I may even be able to just mod a set of v8 swap plates)

    it's also a chassis that is existing certified that I won't have to get inspected to insure here.

    they are going through the motions of opening a proper 1/4 track and roadcourse in my area. so aiming towards weekend warrior, daily able build. if the track actually happens and seems worth it .. the engine/trans comes out of the 'rod' and super gets swapped for turbo and into a late 80's regal for a GN clone/nascar'y more race car. but that's years down the road and a big if LOL... also why I'm overbuilding the 'actual' motor for this build ... so I can possibly go nuts with it later

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    you can never have to much motor!

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    s10 rear ends beg to differ! hahaha ... the s/c 3800 if I go as far as I can with the supporting mods I'm doing for the cam (Ie the smallest blower pulley, max I can get out of the tune) .. I'll be about 400hp/450ftlbs at the crank (near maxing out the baby blower, not the engine lol ) more then enough to murder a slightly above stock 4l60e .. and easily matchstick a stock s10 rear axle... I'm hoping it survives more on not being able to hook up more then strength till I can sort all I need too.

    but the upgraded motor is still a ways out .. the mild bolt on Camaro N/A 3800 should be enough motivation for some fun till then, and let me shake out the rest of the chassis mods and set up

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    so it's not much but I figured I'd throw up some pics

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	s10house.jpg 
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ID:	142444

    heres the S10 patiently awaiting me to finish cleaning and organizing this

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	workspacemess.jpg 
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Size:	239.3 KB 
ID:	142445

    house insurance doesn't allow a running vehicle inside ... so the bed has to be removed, fuel tank removed and other fluids drained before it gets shoved inside... after I finish organizing and cleaning said neglected workshop and ajoining areas LOL (picture was taken at the start.. i'm about half way done )

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	vwrod.jpg 
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Size:	12.3 KB 
ID:	142446

    this was part of my inspiration .. from the windshield to rear wheels its 'orginal' bug

    oh and heres pics friend sent me of the bugs I had to choose from .. Im getting the yellow on the left, after he strips all the stuff he wants (basically I get the shell, doors, glass, some rough fenders.. possibly a rough hood)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	projectbugs.jpg 
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Size:	230.4 KB 
ID:	142447
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    Never thought much about bugs until I started seeing what can evolve from one. Kinda growing on me now. Now time to Getter Done...inside...brr cold outside now.

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    I've had this 'idea' floating around in my head about 5 years, after seeing a really smoothed out volks rod in person.. "wow that roof and body lines look alot like like 30/40s era cars"

    I may even stay with a modded N/A 3800 (make it resemble a baby LS? LOL ) ... even if I can get it to 300hp crank.. with 6800 shift points .. and the 3800's generous torque curve. seeing as it'll mostly be set up underneath towards corner carve/cruise .. it should end up between 2600-2800 lbs tops.

    the amount of work($$) to get more then 300hp to actually hook up (with a great lack of actual race tracks to go play on) will make this project counter productive.

    eh... actually doing will prove which gets done.. hahaha ... I'm working counter in a parts store while doing the school thing, and I can actually get N/A 3800 parts, and most of the S10 stuff :D ... where as the s/c 3800 parts would all be specialty online order stuff.

    was looking at where stuff is on the frame and I can probably get away with the leaf rear setup in the beginning (barely) ... which would definately get it on the road sooner (less stuff to buy yay! ) ... definately be an evolving build ... but having something actually on the road, defiantely will help the desire to upgrade and go forward!



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