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    Default new guy from wichita

    my name is Russ not joe. I am a contract engineer and work from home, which leaves me a lot of time for my 3 year old "beeps" and to goof around with trucks. I enjoy figuring things out more than "having", so I usually sell them on and start another. I was a minitrucker in the 90s and it would take a long time to list everything I built so I will start more recently.

    here is my 65 on S10 chassis, powered by a 2.2l EFI 4 cylinder 5 spd. I replaced the billet wheels with steel wheels before selling it to another engineer.

    here is the 47 GMC on S10 chassis from 2015, 4.3 auto S10 donor. learned lots. a great guy in MO bought it

    here is the 49 chevy on 03 4.3 auto S10 chassis I did in 2016. lots of improvements over the 47, very nice and quiet truck. a great guy in PA is enjoying it now.

    I have started a 41 chevy on 91 4.3 auto S10 chassis and I will add a project thread, I actually took the 91 donor as partial trade on the 65. here is a picture of where it is currently, body is being mounted.

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    awesome rigs welcome!

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    first off Welcome to The Nut House. very nice looking rides, can't really go wrong with an ad body style Chevy
    Clutter is the evidence of life!

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    Nice rides and welcome.



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