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    Nearly all Mopar motors are offset to the passenger side, some as much as 2 1/2" to 3". The Mopar offset was to make additional clearance for the steering column and steering linkage.

    Installing a motor with or without an offset is a personal choice, or sometimes a need for clearance of something. That is also the reason most rear axle assemblies are not centered. The off set often matches the motor offset from the original vehicle. U joints are designed to accommodate up to a 30 degree offset, in any direction, but both u joints need to have the same offset to maintain drive shaft balance. When your all done, the engine/trans and the rear axle assemble need to set so that the center line of the trans and the center line of the rear axle pinion shaft need to be parallel with each other.

    As far as where the engine need to sit in relation to the crossmember, I would set the cab on the frame where you want it, then position the engine accordingly. My Plymouth coupe has the motor offset 2" to the passenger side, and it is actually moved backward 7" from its original position on the Dakota chassis (I lined up both firewalls at the same relationship to the axle center lines). I have no clearance issues of any kind. But when I put my 47 Dodge truck cab on a Dakota chassis, I'm sure things will be different. Gene

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    thanks for the info Gene. I'm getting a rear sump oil pan which will allow me to get the engine another 4" of forward clearance for mounting. this should allow me the room I need. I put the front clip on the frame and allowed room for the rad and fans then figured where the motor should be. I basically centered the front wheel in the wheel well as my starting reference point. the cab is still on the i.h. frame. I figured I'll have to move the cab into place then make cab mounts and adjust the firewall as needed.

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    id say get the cab on the frame with your front clip to see exactly where the firewall will sit and finilize (sp?) your engine position fron there. its my own personal preference to center the engine..... just cuz it would bother the hell outta me.... but if theres unavoidable clearance issues... do what you gotta do ☺
    and you do need some angle weather up and down or side to side (equal and opposite front and back) it keeps the needles and the grease moving in the cups and avoids brinelling. i think you want around 3 to 5 degrees. .. somebody can verify if possible.

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    thanks burnin Im shooting for 3 degrees down motor and 3 up on the rear dif.

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    Finally got a welder. now to learn how to use it again. been 20yrs since I touched one.

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    Like ridin a bike,you'll pick it right up.

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    found this crack under my manifold. trying to talk my buddies dad out of a dual carb set up.

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ID:	141787 3rd and hopefully the last oil pan. what a stumbling block that ate up a lot of money.

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    thanks HUSSEY for the idea!

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    molasses bath rust removal.


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