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    Depends how you're listening to the video. iPhone speaker will not work. I played it just now through my surround sound speakers with a subwoofer. It definitely sounds like the exhaust like real life.
    But I know what you're saying, I can hear the mechanical fan noise too...
    The recording equipment is only an iPhone too, so not the best representation...

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    I weighed the truck at the local recycling place the other day.

    4640lbs with me in it and bed empty. I'm 175lbs. So 4465lbs.

    Durango was a rather hefty 5117lbs

    So a saving of 652lbs!

    Yesterday I was sat at the lights next to someone in a modern ram truck with a hemi, when we set off he gunned it (not sure why?) so I floored it too and I just shot past! 😳

    I must have surprised him, an old truck just kicked his hemi truck butt, LOL

    Anyway...when I'm not street racing like a teenager I've been frustrated with how slow it is to fill with fuel.
    I removed one of the wood boards in the bed and plumbed the fuel neck straight up, so it has a straight shot into the tank. And....its Just as bad.

    I saw there's a check Valve just inside the full neck inside the tank, a roll over valve for safety.
    A Google search turned up lots of problems with 2005 Dodge Durangos with fuel filling problems, constantly clicking gas pumps, and fuel spitting back up?!
    These are with the stock fuel full neck set up. The root cause it turns out is that check valve.
    The only "fix" according to them and a Technical service bulletin from Chrysler is to replace the whole tank!
    Erm I'm not doing that in a hurry.

    What I'm thinking is my check valve is stuck 1/2 open. I don't think they are very well lubricated and the harsh environment it lives in with fuel washing over it probably dries out the mechanism. I'm going to try working it with something long and some wd40 and see if I can get it to operate properly.

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    Awesome build, I have lots of old trucks waiting for new life, just picked up a wrecked 09 Aspen limited with the Hemi really cheap, looks like it will be a good donor after all! Thanks for all the great pictures of your progress!

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    id have loved to seen the guys face when you flew past! I bet you were grinning your teeth out lol!!!


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