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Thread: Winter Project

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    Picked up more rusty gold today. Starting to have options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sproket View Post
    Picked up more project parts this weekend. This cowl should fit my son's tub much better than the A cowl. It is much worse than the pics show unfortunately.
    Attachment 141054
    Attachment 141053
    I'm jealous! Looks like that part of the country is just littered with early iron! That there is a '26-'27 Model T roadster body and frame. Wish we had pickins' like that out here! Unfortunately, most have been scooped up and used or sold at Barrett-Jackson prices here on the left coast!
    Oh yeah, just noticed the 'A' sedan back half you got, too. Unbelievable!!
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    Thanks Turbo. Yeah, we have be lucky in our findings however some of the metal wouldn't even be good for a screen door. It is a starting point though. I know another location with a couple cowls I am trying to acquire soon. I would love to get my son's car together and then one for my so very understanding wife.
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    Scored another cowl and door today. Remote internet is too slow for photo upload. Tomorrow looking at a set of spoke wheels. My thought is a 215/85R16 from a dually will fit for a nice 31" tall skinny wheel/tire combo. Post pics when I can.
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    Back home with internet available. Here is a picture of the cowl and door from yesterday. Also got the curved tops for above the doors and 4 16" wheels today.

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    Here is the cowl i am going to nab next trip. Can someone tell me anything about it? It appears to be a 30/31 but I can't find any reference to the 2 horizontal seams on the firewall. Any help would be appreciated.

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    So many parts it will be tough decision on which way to go. just make it extra safe as 16 year olds will test the boundaries to see what car will do. Ask me how I know.....

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    Thanks and yes I also know all about testing limits when young and dumb. He is wanting g the sedan instead of either roadster. We are in the process of moving so nothing has started on a build other than gathering parts.

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    Now we are talkin! Savin rusty steel! Love it!!!!!
    Clutter is the evidence of life!

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    So we are just finishing up the move this weekend. Now we will have an attached 2.5 car garage and a separate 22x27 shop to build in. Can't wait for everything to be put away so work can be started!


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