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    Engine and trans are in. Need to put the shorter trans mount back in. Box in the cross member, remove some broken bolts, from the frame, and see if I can get a shorter drive shaft yolk. Or shorten the drive shaft 2"

    So stoked!

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    Did some ****ing around with the wiring this weekend. Just put stuff where it fit best. Function over fashion. Head lights work. Front signals need help. Ran the tap down the air injection holes. Cut down some 5/8th coarse threas bolts added some copper washers. Problem solved. Also got some shiny breathers. And battery cables. Need a c6 dipstick. Cut the drive shaft down. Finish the wiring and she should be running soon.

    Need to fit a voltage regulator in here somewhere

    And replace the water pump.
    Fit the alternator
    Battery tray
    Running soonish....
    Gas tank fuel line
    Fuel pump
    Throttle linkage

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    Keep at it! That thing loooks Sweeeeeet!


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