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    Thanks, yes the front set up is from village customs. He is an awesome guy and does slick work

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    Sweet! Yes, seems like a real cool guy, and yes does some bad ass work for sure. Killer build man, I'll be keeping an eye on your thread!

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    What is the distance between the rear wheels on the inside?
    It seems like your rear axle fit just right on the outside of your body.

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    It's fine, the body was just loose in those pictures. The body did not have structure since it's a Chevy, all the inner structure was wood. With the metal it sucks in. Actually my Axle is gouging to be a little wider than I really wanted, but it works.

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    Well big changes, probably crazy, but I am super excited. The sedan is gone to some really cool guys. They are working their butts off to get it done for the Lone Star Round Up in April.

    This is what is replaceing the sedan!

    1930 model A coupe. Nasty cammed 514 BBF!!!!!!!!

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    Wow, that is quite a change from what you had going on. What made you have your mind so drastically? Nice looking 5 window though!

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    I really wanted a coupe. Thinking man as soon as I get this thing finished I am getting a coupe. Posted mine for sale as a rolller and all of this happened. Pretty excited. Yes I was sad to see it go, but it was for something I wanted. Not for money, I think I would have regretted it if I didn't get this coupe.
    Hinges are good. Door latches work. Great job on the chop. Solid car.

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    Looks like a solid start my friend exclamation point
    Clutter is the evidence of life!


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