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    Default *IMPORTANT* Changes coming to KillBillet

    Hello members! is going to have some changes made soon due to the need to upgrade software. We will try to keep it as similar as possible so you guys can keep discussing Rat Rods without difficulty! Thank you and keep enjoying the forum!

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    Ok guys we are back to the older platform. It looks like this style was still in the system as well so we are back up and running. I still want to try out a different skin that we got as it was failry close to how the site looks now but doesn't have any of the text conflicts this one still has. I will let you know how that goes.


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    This morning the forum stated I didn't have access to open the webpage. I assume that was when the changes were being made. So i noticed that all my posts from January to current are gone for my thread. Also early on pictures all appear to be links or something along those lines. Many other members posts since mid February are missing also. FYI

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    I notided the same thing. But im really happy to have the old layout back! We dont like change lol
    Clutter is the evidence of life!

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    I'm glad to see it back the way it was. Don't know if you guys missed it. But there was a warning saying we would lose some stuff and to save what you didn't want to lose.

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    I think a bunch of my post got deleted on my build thread?, guess I just have to repost.. just saw that some things were lost.. glad it is back the way it was.

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    Yes sorry about that. It was the only way we could revert. Please repost your content. I apologize for any lost content. It won't be changing again anytime soon. I am going to update the colors on here and go away from the blue top banners. I am thinking red would be good. We will see. I am going to remove the boxes at the top and put a store banner there.

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    Hey, this works much better!

    Now, I enlarged the print so I could read it on that other software, so tell me how to make it smaller again so I don't have to keep moving back and forth to read something.
    Ought to send out an email to everyone and tell them the current software is like it was before the recent change. Gene

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    Much, much better! Even my avatar is back! Thanks for listening! Killbillet rocks!!

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    I will get an email out shortly. Just use control and the minus symbol to zoom out so to speak.



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