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    Started my Friday with cycling the front suspension a few times with all new balljoints and control arm bushings. Made sure the bags at full extension and full pancake aren't rubbing any part of the frame I had to cut out. SO far everything looks great. It will be another beast once there is weight on it.
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    Some of you may say these arent the greatest welds but for someone who only has a year or so under there belt I feel like iv come a lot further than when I started playing around with it. So yes this is a pride photo!
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    After I got the 4 links lined up and where I wanted them I had to take in account for the bag drop and rise and think I found what will work best for me. The links are 1.25 wall sticks that I cut from the "kit" links. Cut to the same lengths I just wast impressed by the quality of there work. Used the ends on it kept the rusty look.
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    Finally welded on the rear bags and got them filled up and MAN Im so happy with how it came out. I wanted a little more height in rear just so I can rake it and from what I measure I can go a full 2" higher in the rear which is perfect.

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    This last photo the axle is mounted but not tightened down. I went wide with the links as I think it would be sweet to have them sitting on the outside of the fleet wood fins. If not I have room to work with as I am using wheels that suck as far in as possible. Last think I need to do is tighten up all the bolts, weld some brackets for the watts link, and lastly once I have a trans and drive shaft I'll Line the pinion angle up. However Im that much closer... Once I get this done I'll be putting the cab back together and getting everthing Lined up and then dropping the motor in!

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    Don't laugh, your daughter might be in this car.

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    Been a little while since I posted here. Just got married (5/21) so now I can finally get back to the rat. Between work days and the wedding I managed to get a little time in here and there to tinker with it. In the past month or two I have also changed directions at least 100 times.

    Anywho, finally got my cab done. 4" chop is the perfect height for me (6'2")
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    I am beyond thrilled with how the back windows turned out.
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    All the Air suspension is working and in place just need to get the valves set up.
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    Oh and I also found some fantastic 34" drag slicks on the local CL from a 55 chevy Gasser from the 80's.
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    This has to be one of my favorite photos.
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    More to come. Last time I played with it I had started a cage!
    Don't laugh, your daughter might be in this car.

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    any updates?

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    Unfortunately not really. Most of you are on the east coast where you don't do much building during winter. I'm in Arizona where I do do much during summer except swim because it's 115 and blowing giant dust clouds and 50% humidity like today. That among a few family
    Deaths and a wedding in May!!!! On a real note
    Some of the small things I have done I didn't post as I really didn't think anyone was interested lol. However in a bit ill post some photos from about a month ago with the "cage/rollbar"!!! Thanks for your interest!

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    Im farther west than you I'm in Oregon. with the recent az type heat we've had I hear you on not doing much but staying cool. sorry to hear about your family loss that can really slow down your motivation.

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    FINALLY!!!!! We have seen temps under 100*!!!! Except the last few days have been 60% humidity at 98* but I'll take it!!! Been tinkering with it in between shirts soaked in sweat. Fuel system is 90% in and the dash went out yesterday so be sand blasted since the back side was in worse condition than I anticipated.

    Also, three weeks encounting for the motor and trans to be mounted!!! Will be taking it to a buddy's shop where we will build a trans tunnel and cross members for the trans and the motor.

    After that it's electrical, pedals, steering column, and brakes! Many, many photos to come in the next few weeks!
    Don't laugh, your daughter might be in this car.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Airbags are in, motor and trans are on. Cab has to come back off so i can reinforce the frame more now that its on.
    Don't laugh, your daughter might be in this car.


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