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    Dude, That thing is Killer!!......I have a 50 5 window 6100 that I'm doing something similar. Keep us posted on the progress!

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    Will do!

    Here is some progress

    Motor is all cleaned up, sort a lol. New gasket from top to bottom. The we set in place. Some small clearance issues but we will make it fit.

    Also got his radiator

    Clutter is the evidence of life!

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    So after a couple month hiatus and a complete redesign of the truck, we have progress! The truck was completely stripped down to Bare frame and about six inches in front of the firewall the frame was cut off. It will get redesigned and rebuilt for air suspension. The rear leaf springs were ditched for a parallel 4 Link with panhard bar and bags. The rear axle was installed today along with the links and bag mounts period still lots of plating and welding left to do but now that we're working on it things should start moving along.

    Clutter is the evidence of life!

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    should have a nicer ride than the original springs.


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