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  1. Default Turtle, my 1965 Volvo Amazon rat/custom

    I've seen some VW builds around here so I'm thinking that this is not the sort of forum where people would immediately turn up their noses at an Euro build - which is why I'm posting here. I'm Italian, so I've always been more familiar with European cars. Finding a decent Italian car to work on in the US is hard - old school 500s go for a pretty penny and most Spiders have more oil pouring out from under them than water from a Seattle sky in October (not to mention I don't want a convertible).

    So about a year ago I got this 1965 Volvo Amazon and immediately gave it the nickname "Turtle". I don't know why, it's kinda round and not exactly fast but it is super resilient and hardy. Plus I've always had a thing for turtles. At first my work on it was constrained to making it work properly and putting a defroster on the back window, but I've been learning more and I really want it to be sort of a rat/mild custom now. So I started a youtube channel to document my learning process and the stuff I'm doing on the car.

    Here's how it's gone so far...

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    Cool man, keep up the good work.

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    Made some more progress this weekend...

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    exhaust note on point

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    Well, it's been a while but I got the ol' turtle back on the road! And she runs good! Still need to tune the carbs a bit but overall I'm pretty happy!

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    Default Turtle my 1965 Volvo Amazon rat/custom

    Congratulations I think you got a great deal on this car. I loved your rat but I love this too. When you gonna bring it around to show us?

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    old Volvos are kool !



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