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    Quote Originally Posted by 1x1_Speed_Craig View Post
    Here's what the wheel & tire combo looks like on an F550-based EarthRoamer chassis.
    The military MRAP wheel idea has been "deep sixed", unfortunately. A guy named Jason from Hutchinson was a HUGE help...amazing customer service, despite that I wasn't actually a customer. The MRAP wheels, Jason told me, have higher lips than civilian wheels to support 46-53" tires. I also learned that EarthRoamers use wheels that look similar to the MRAP wheels, but they're actually specially built for F450/F550 trucks (the center discs, anyway), and the lips are shorter.

    SO, I reeled things in a bit, and plan on picking up some 20" DRW-to-SRW conversion wheels of some sort, and will most likely be going with BF Goodrich KO2 All-Terrains in the 34-34.5" tall range. I did make a couple calls to Rickson Truck Wheels over the last few weeks, leaving voicemail messages that were never returned. Apparently, they don't care much about making a sale (I've seen several posts about poor customer service). I'll keep researching wheel options.

    Knowing that I'm hoping to get the chassis in "roller" status before 2017 hits, I picked up a Daystar Super Duty 2-2.5" leveling kit (P/N KF09119BK), and also ordered some Fat Bob's Garage front shock extenders.

    Got distance? I picked up a pallet of two (2) NOS military surplus Caiman BAE MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle self-healing/bullet-resistant aluminum fuel tanks, one of which I'll install in the bed of the Patina Rod (I'll sell the 2nd tank). It's a 78-gallon tank with 72.6 gallons of usable capacity. That should equate to 1000 miles of driving before needing to refuel. Tank dimensions are roughly 47"W X 29"D X 19"H.

    Mounting it in the front of the bed, where it'll fit very nicely, will still allow us 7.5 feet of usable bed space to haul stuff, sleep in when we travel (or should have to bug out, as this will also be our BOV).

    The science nerd in me loves the technology with the self-sealing coating, too. Have a look-see...

    I also ordered an ISSPRO fuel sending unit (P/N RA9517-ISS), which will bolt right into this tank.

    Of course I haven't used them yet, but I picked up an Eastwood base plate, which mounts in a vice, for the Eastwood Shrinker/Stretcher kit I already had. I'll eventually need these for some windshield lip repair.

    I'm off work on vacation all week, and hope to get some painting done, as I've had several side projects that have diverted me from the FC work. The remaining rear leaf spring and Dana 80 rear axle are next to get prettied up.


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    So, my in-laws are showing their '55 Chevy Ambulance at a car show over the 4th of July weekend, and my Mother-In-Law won a Painless Performance 25% discount as a door prize. Since she had no use for it, she offered it to me, and I graciously accepted it.

    I ended up ordering P/N 10220, which is a Classic-Plus Customizable Trunk Mount/Remote-mount Chassis Harness. I also ordered a PowerBraid chassis kit for it.

    A year after painting the first leaf spring, I finally got the other one prepped, painted & installed with the help of my wonderful wife. These suckers are heavy! I'm thankful for the borrowed chainfall that I used to hoist it up while prepping/painting.

    Does this axle make my rear end look big?

    I finished prepping and painting the Dana 80 dually rear axle, with the exception of prep/paint on the rotors & hubs, which will come at a later date.

    A couple weeks ago, I built a simple, yet VERY helpful, dolly set-up to aid with install while keeping the paint looking pretty. I used some spare lumber, a bunch of casters from old Harbor Freight creepers that broke over the years, and a few bottle jacks from parts Jeeps. This allowed my wife & I to carefully position, then raise the axle into place. It worked very well.

    We're heading to San Antonio soon to visit with my Brother-In-Law and his family, and we'll also be hauling home some new 2016 Super Duty take-off suspension parts (radius arms, springs, shocks & misc. brackets).


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    Any updates you can share? I like what your doing with this project. Keith

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kcrain View Post
    Any updates you can share? I like what your doing with this project. Keith
    Good question! We sold a house, have been working on improvements to another house, and well...the FC170 project didn't fit into the overall schedule for the foreseeable future. A great guy named Chris drove up from Texas in the fall, and bought the project. 11 1/2 hours later, we were done loading up all the parts on his ginormous trailer.

    Chris is now the admin on the Facebook page I started. Continue to follow the build there (as I will).


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