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    Default 1932 ford coupe title for sale

    I have a moderate collection of 32 ford coupe/roadster titles. "for automotive historical collecting only of course!" These are from a personal long time collection. Most are Model 18-v8 titles, not all, but most. These are unsigned and considered "open/transferable". Most of these are dated 1937 and earlier and have not been signed or transferred since. they are in really good/exceptional shape for their age.

    I also have a pretty large collection of Model A titles of all kinds. Same quality, age and condition. All open and unsigned.

    32 titles are: $625-$700. Depending on V8 or 4 banger

    Model a titles: $475-500. Depending on rarity. (roadsters and coupes are $500.00)

    PM me with any questions, or if I can help in any way. If I don't have it, maybe I know someone that does.


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    Thanks for the PM's 3 sold.

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    Still have quite a few, let me know what you need!

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    hi,im looking for a 32 ford coupe title/randy sparks/

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    Joel my name is Don I was wondering if you might know where I might find a Hupmoblie coupe title. If so please call me at 248-378-3853 Thank You.

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    What state and does it have a vin number,.. the last one I saw had a motor number on title has the vin .... no letters

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    This is a Missouri State title. Unsigned and un transferred last date 3/5/37. It has an engine number. and a title number, but not a vin. I was always under the impression that the engine number was the "Vin". The engine number on this title starts with an A. Title is in really good shape for the age. It has the embossed state seal, and the signatures of the secretary of state and the commissioner of motor vehicles. if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.



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