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    Default 1930 model a coupe

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    I got my coupe project back in July and have been slowly pecking away at it. I media blasted the frame and body to see what I had to work with. I decided to build a custom frame because I am notorius for going a little overboard with horsepower and torque. I channeled the body 4" over the frame and chopped the top 3". I am installing a ford 9" with 4:11 gears with a spool. The motor is a 400 small block with a roots style blower, right around 650 hp. trans is going to be a built th400. I have a long way to go but the goal is to have it on the road by July 2015 for the cancer benefit car show that I host every year and to have it really roadworthy by Sept for the annual Hotrods and Handlebars cruise (200 mile run) here in MO. I will try to keep my progress updated on here.

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    Thanks for starting a build thread. Can't wait to see this thing get built. Keep the pics. coming.

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    Build pics? Let's see 'em. Nice to see another from MO on here. Where is the "Hotrods and Handlebars" cruise at?

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    I see there was one in Tulsa last year. It would be good to get a bunch of members from here to meet up at one of these.

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    The one here near st louis is just a group of 200 or so hotrods and 400 or so bikes that get together one day a year just for fun. I have been on it the last 7 or 8 years.

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    that 4.11 gear will get real old if your going 200 miles on that trip brother... just speaking from experience... I run 2.76 in all my light hotrods... Let the motor do its job... cruise at decent rpm.

    Killer looking coupe bro... keep us updated on the progress with pics.
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    A little progress has been made. Everything is tacked into place, just need to double check all measurements and clearances then finish weld and paint.

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    Nice work, the frame is coming out great.

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    Rat41, Car looks great, should be awesome when it is done. Hey just one observation, but shouldn't all of your bolts for the triangulated set up be on somewhat the same plane? It looks like with the bolts perpendicularly mounted on the frame, to the ones on the same link (Upper) to the Axle, that they will bind. Just an observation.

    Keep on keeping on!

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    your going to need to re do the rear suspension links. the rod ends needs to pivot on the same plane. not one parallel to the ground and the other perpendicular. needs to be set up to allow vertical movement as the suspension cycles
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