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I got my coupe project back in July and have been slowly pecking away at it. I media blasted the frame and body to see what I had to work with. I decided to build a custom frame because I am notorius for going a little overboard with horsepower and torque. I channeled the body 4" over the frame and chopped the top 3". I am installing a ford 9" with 4:11 gears with a spool. The motor is a 400 small block with a roots style blower, right around 650 hp. trans is going to be a built th400. I have a long way to go but the goal is to have it on the road by July 2015 for the cancer benefit car show that I host every year and to have it really roadworthy by Sept for the annual Hotrods and Handlebars cruise (200 mile run) here in MO. I will try to keep my progress updated on here.

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