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    Apr 2015
    Midland, Michigan


    I'm a Pastor with a heart for God and kids first, but have a passion for the old iron, also. Formerly a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, I love seeing old machine come back to life. Hang the looks of it, let's get it running!

    I am currently working on a 1940 Chevy truck that the original chassis rotted out from under. It is currently sitting on a 91 chevy chassis & drive train. This winter project has stemmed into spring, but hopefully will be on the road again mid-summer.

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    Krusty Bob from Somerset Ky. I was searching the net for the best way to clear my Krusty old 56 Chevy Wagon. You know, keep Mother Natures effect while adding a bit of shine! Found some dude from this web sight talking about Wurth Rust Guard Clear, checked his pics and thought I need to join this site. I am a Former U.S Navy Mixed Gas Salvage Diver, Yacht builder, Panty Liner Maker (not kidding), Body man and presently the Quality Analysis Supervisor working with the VA. Married to a women who loves to get greasy, 4 teenage girls in the house and heck the dogs even been neutered. I spend a lot of time in the garage!

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    Hello all my name is Robert been around cars my whole life. New to the whole rat rod style but something about it makes me want to build one like mad. I've been around race cars. Oval track dirt cars. Imports. trucks. Lowriders and currently building a 84 cutlass for the wife. I've built a few rat rod model cars and now I want to build a 1:1 thanks for the great site.

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    Getting ready to build my first Ratrod - a 46 Chevy p/u. I got it from a guy that had started it a few years ago and then quit. His wife finally ordered it to be removed from the property so I got it at a steal. Looking forward to learning and sharing here on Killbillet. Any and all advice is well-received from the experienced.... ;)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Jun 2015
    the Dalles OR


    My name is William I am 29 I am from Oregon and I have a 1949 international kb3 that I am in the works of building a rat rod I have a Lincoln mark 5 with a 460 that I will be running in it. Been in the army for 10 years and it's what I have wanted to build the 49 rat was bought by my dad when he was 14 for 25 bucks he has a 49 kb2 that is his hot rod he likes chrome I like rust but he is as excited as I am my 8 year old son you got his first truck to a 1949 kb2 that he will work on when he gets a little older

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    Newbie here from Massachusetts other wise known as Massholes.... self employed metal worker sheetmetal and frame work and general machining... thanks for having me.. I'm in process of a scratch built Bucket . 283 chevy powered with a 700R4 and a 95 mustang rear end.. will post pics eventually. My build is based on a fiberglass body but I'm only using that for mock up. I'm building this with a hand made steel body and a removable steel top. cheers.. see you's in the threads.....

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    David in Buffalo NY. Slowly rebuilding a 68 Buick Wildcat with ratrod ethic. Will probably start a thread regarding the 68RatCat as I have many questions and not a ton of knowledge. Here's my baby in her current form; Click image for larger version. 

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    Jan 2012
    superior montana on 1.25 acres out of town


    Welcome from Montana. Like the moons

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    Jun 2015


    Hello everyone. My name is patrick. From middle tn. Married for 15 yrs. I have a14 yr old daughter named harlee. Im about to start my first rat rod with a 50 gmc pickup Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello all. I'm Mike, I'm 38 from Denver. Single, no kids. I work for the famous brewery out in Golden, CO. Just built a 550 sqft detached garage in my backyard so now it's project time. I've always liked much older cars and have fallen in love with rat rods. So 2 weeks ago I was browsing the web and picked up what I was told is a 38 Chrysler to start a rat rod project. I am having a hard time trying to identify it since there were surprisingly so many configurations. Picked it up for $350 out in eastern CO, about 130 miles from Denver from a mechanic in a town of 50 people. He took it in on trade for some engine work 5 years ago. It is a fairly solid body & original frame with the usual rust/rot behind the door pillars & trunk corners assume it's been in eastern CO since new. All in all I think it was a great deal and I am hopeful to get it drivable by mid-summer 2016. I have a self- taught background in construction and I'm very mechanically inclined. Have never welded however. Will be picking up a new miller multiple-matic 200 in the coming weeks thru one of our suppliers at work. Have been told this will be perfect for my skill level (0) and for what I will be doing to the 38.

    As far as drive train it's empty, it's a shell & chassis, no axles or hood/fenders. Tomorrow I will be picking up a mid 70s 360 w/torqueflite out of the original truck for $200 from a co-worker. So that will be my first purchase. My ultimate goal is to spend less than 5k on the entire build. Minus tools/welder of course.

    I also have a 1981 jeep scrambler project that was my daily driver 16 years ago until a friend talked me into an unnecessary engine swap, which then I ran out of money. So it's been parked/store ever since 2002. Will be rolled into the garage after the 38 drives out.

    And info, advice or spare parts availability & guidance would be helpful as this will be my first but not last built ride.

    Thanks everyone in advance. I will be here daily I'm certain since it's the most resourceful place I've found so I just had to join.

    Haven't figured out how to post photos yet but I have a few to post to help identify once I figure out how.

    <iframe width="480" height="360" src=""></iframe>
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