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Thread: 49 ford f1

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    Default 49 ford f1

    This is where im at with my 49 ford f1. I started out completley stock. Picked the the truck up off a local oldtimer. Its ben sitting in his yard as long as i have ben alive (24) years haha. I can remember this thing ever since i was a little kid goin over to his house with my grandpa. Always wanted the truck but he wouldent get rid of it. Well long story short i ened up with it some odd years later and i had to shovel the flowers the neighbor lady had growing in the bed. She was dissapointed lol. I took it home started to cut her up decided to go the rat rod direction since rust was taking over the body. So i picked up a tranverse front end out of a 1940 ford made a spring perch and welded it on. Got her mounted up. Heated and bent the old wishbone bars out so i could mont them on outside of frame. Extended steering arm. Chopped frame and lowerd it down and attached an 82 ford box truck rearend to it frame leafs and all for a high tow capacity haha. That was free from the neighbor. Chopped cab 6 inches. Rebuilt 1x1 square tube floor in the cab. Purchased a 425 wildcat nailhead v8 for her that runs very strong. All new seals and paint and carb on that. Headers into dual stacks are next step for exhaust. I will keep you updated as i go.

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    More pics. This is the nailheads first seat in its new home

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    nice deere torque monster behind

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    Default The rat

    Picture from rear. Gunna build a wood bed with stake sides.

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    Nice. Nuttin like a dully. Cool ride

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    Ok been awhile but i sure did get alot done... Frame exhaust cab is getting shot with flat black brakes is the next adventure...let me know what you think of my suicide shifter out the door.. Used the stock parking brake

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    Reach on the shifter

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    Suicide out of the E brake

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    Made these headers... Full stainless pipe free from work into dual stacks... Using the original stacks we picked her up with

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    You are OK I'm my book by running duals in the rear! I love the shifter. Mine will be getting one similar.


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