For those of you that view the site for information on Rat Rods we want you to become a member. It's simple easy and best of all free. It's kind of a "no brainer" as to why you should register and become a member. Simply put we can always use new blood and new ideas. We all know that this great hobby provides us many ideas and ways to make our rides the way we want them, heck it's probably the greatest feature of the hobby. But let's face it we all run dry from time to time and the old brain can seem to stall out. This is where the new guys come in. Fresh new ideas and new ways to do things are always welcome here at and we'd like you the "Lurker" to join in on the fun and share your wealth of knowledge so that we as a whole can grow and keep this great hobby alive. Hey and don't worry if you don't have much to offer either because your new to it all or if your at that "brick wall" point because our members are here to help in any way they can. So come on in and stay awhile, we'd love to you aboard the worlds largest Rat Rod community.

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