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    Arrow Attn AT&T users!!

    It has come to my attention that those of you using AT&T as an ISP are NOT getting e-mails from us for such things like registration, forum announcements, and others. It appears that AT&T has block for some unknown reason. I am looking into clearing this up with them and hope to have it resolved soon. If your a user using AT&T and are not getting e-mails such as the registration ones don't worry I can go in and set your account to active. If you send me the Admin an e-mail just note that I cannot reply back because it will block my response to you. Please simply log in here and you will see your account is active and your set to use the site.

    Sorry for any trouble this may have caused any of you,


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    does this also prevent notifications about responses to threads that I start? I can't seem to get any notifications regarding threads with ATT

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    Yes unfortunately any and all e-mails coming from us going to anyone using AT&T as an ISP will be blocked. If you have access to another e-mail address I would suggest going into your "USER CP" area and change out your e-mail. This could take some time to resolve and it may be such a pain that it never gets resolved. G-Mail, Yahoo and others are free to anyone and are all allowed.




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