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Thread: 53 3100 build

  1. Default 53 3100 build

    Hows everything going. I figured this would be a good place to catalog my build. It is the biggest project I have taken on. I have been at it for a few months already. I am an active duty service member and my time is limited mostly to the weekend. Alot of weekends I get pulled away to spend time with wife and 2 kids.

    I got the truck with the roof already cut off. The guy really hacked it up. No lines used he just hacked away with the sawzall. I took some time off work and started at the project.

    Once I got the roof structeral again I took the cab off of the frame to see what I had. The frame was in good shape and only 2 small cracks. I repaired the cracks. I then cut of alot of rivets to get the body mounts and running board mounts and all that jazz out of there. Next I went back at the cab. I marked out how far I wanted to drop the body. I decided on 14 inches. Cut the floor out!

    The motor sitting in there is just a mock up motor the actual motor is at the machine shop getting bored. It is a 350 bored .040 over. Had to get a new crank old one was too far gone. The trans is a 3 speed. I am going to be working more on it this weekend so I will post up pics when I finished for the weekend. It is going to be 95 degrees today so not too much will probably get done.

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    I got a bit more work done today, not much because it is hot as hell out. I got the passenger side step done and put the front floor brace in and started the drivers side step. I took a few better pics also of its stance.

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    nice start to your build. love them fender-less a.d's. there a few really nice ones on here. keep the pictures coming!

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    I have not posted in a while, but have done some work. I have gotten my motor back from the machine shop, 350 bored .040 over. I got new flat top pistons and a new crank, all installed into the block. I got my vortec heads back from machine shop as well, they recieved a 3 angle valve job and new springs put in with reliefs cut to allow .550 lift. I got the fllor completed and burned in, and yesterday I got the firewall on and burned in. I also scrapped the stock frame cause I scored a 1972 c10 frame completely overhauled for 150. Sold the old frame for 200!

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    channeled 14"? wow. have you sat in the truck yet? Can't be much room left.

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    No there isnt much room, I am gonna have to make my own seats, I am starting with some camaro buckts I have laying around. I can sit on the floor and if I sit with good posture my head touches the roof. I am gonna have back of the cab backed up about 3 inches higher than the front, this should allow the seats to recline back alot and still see out of the window! I was channeling for exterior apperence and after I was done its too late to go back now! Didnt wanna Z the frame so this was the only way I could get the cab LOW. I will pull it out of the garage and get some better pics.

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    Nice job on the the roof. Damn that's alot of channel. Not alot of room for anything. Keep um comin

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    I'd start looking at a set of bomber seats...

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    I have a crew chief seat from a CH-53E I took off when we upgraded it to a crash attenuating seat, I will need another, but I am thinking that I may go in a different direction and make them from scratch!

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    Sorry for no update in a while, I have been overseas! I left my rat with my neighbor for more bodywork. came home and ALL the pain has been stripped off, Kinda pissed. I am however pleased with the progress. I told him what I wanted as far as body work. He smoothed out the drivers side and cowl so it is flat no grooves or stepped in metal for the hood and fenders. I will snap some photos tomorrow and post. I hope that his progress picks up quickly, I want it back! I gave him a SBC I built in exchange for the work. In a few weeks I am going to fabricate the seats and the bed! Get the cab and bed mounted on the frame. We will see!


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