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    Default 1954 chevy 235 won't start.

    Ok long story. So I decided to change my points and condenser. When I took off the old points I noticed they were adjusted super close like they barely opened. Why would somebody do that?
    Now I have the new ones in, adjusted to .016 and I'm not getting any spark.

    Also I noticed I couldn't see the ball on the flywheel at no.1 tdc. So I spun the motor till I saw it appear and the rotor us pointing to #6. Is It possible the distributor is stabbed incorrectly?

    Have pics don't know if needed but why not :)
    pointer and ball on flywheel aligned
    rotor position
    wire goes to #6

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    Default this link might explain it better than I could.

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    It seems that guy was looking at the wrong hole. Maybe the distributor is 180 out?

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    Onto the points though I have them gapped right(so I think) every wire seems grounded. I have an inline spark checker hooked to #1 and I'm not seeing any spark.
    Coil reads 5.3v on acc doesn't get any higher when I'm cranking. Could be a 6 volt though I'm not positive.
    Anybody know any thing I can test?

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    Put the old condenser in and it fired up. WTF !

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    i have heard a lot of times the cheap, newer condensers are no good right out of the box. i have had ok luck, but i have heard that from others. at least you rigured it out!



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