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    Unhappy starter problems!!

    I have a 454 BB that I pulled of a 78 ton pick-up. I keep getting this ugly grinding noise. I first put in some chims but it was not grabbing the flywheel. I than cut the chims in half and put the chims on the outside bolt so it can turn in to the flywheel. It works great for about 5 or 6 times, than it goes back to the ugly grinding. The nose of the starter kept breaking or cracking. Thank god for Autozone lifetime guarantee. So I replaced the flywheel, same thing, I replaced the timing chain, same thing! I am fed up with this. . please help. . . Any suggestions will be totally appreciated, thanks in advance

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    Default starter problems

    ..are there 2 different number of teeth on flywheels for Chevy??..miller

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    Wow! I must have been charmed. I have never broke a starter nose. I surfed the net, most of the problems they listed were Advanced timing and a backfire breaks nose. The little brace that ties stater to the block at the tail end being gone. ( I threw many of those away) Using the wrong bolts. (I doubt I even have any of the proper knurled shank bolts around) Most of the fixes were Timing, using oem bolts, checking the flexplate or fly wheel for runout, finding a cast iron nose cone, or using a high torque mini starter. After hearing all this, I will break one tomorrow.



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