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    Default T5 tail housing swap????

    Ok so dont want to let any secrets out but im looking to swap out the back section of a mustang WC t5 out to an s10 rear tail housing and shaft of a 4x4 s10? will this bolt up? Basically going for AWD on a project and want to use a Borg 4472 I need the large 6 bolt pattern to mate up with a t case, would like to use a t5 because i have a WC main box ( minus bell) in the garage. Any help would be appreciated and any info on the swap welcome, also part numbers for the rear section as i dont have the tail section numbers thanks dirt

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    i know a few people with v8 rangers that have done the s10 tail swap just to move the shifter position forward. i just talked to one of them and he claims he started with a complet stang t-5 and a complete s10 t-5 and he had everything he needed so i assume if you got a 4wd s10 one, you shold be able to swap stuff over to your world class and be good. may try searching for stuff like that. dunno if i helped or not but good luck!

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    yeah ive been researching it quiet a bit but i havent found a damned thing about the 4x4 rear housing its real short almost like a jeep t5 they used back in like the cj5 era(iI think)



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