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Thread: new guy

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    Default new guy

    hey all im a 32 year old new to rat rods and and all but ive been a mechanic and hot rodder for years and love all there is cars and trucks and am building a 1950 chevy pickup on a s10 chassis as much as possible kinda on hold now because of sergery on my shoulder and the past heart attacks but i will get this built and have fun before i go but anyways nice to be here and have ya all as friends and can add me on facebook if want also!/profile.php?id=1462968155 and aslo on youtube http://​​RCraneCustoms anyways thanks guys and gals
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    oh and i live in owosso michigan

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    Feb 2012


    Welcome from Idaho

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    Nov 2011
    Opelika Alabama


    Welcome from Alabama, I'm building a 51 Chevy on a 92 s-10 frame,hope I can get it built before I get too old to enjoy it....

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    Jan 2012
    superior montana on 1.25 acres out of town


    welcome from sunny,rainy,snowy,windy western montana. I get the feeling I will understand medical issues. 3 days ago I bulged out a disc in my worn out low back at work.

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    welcome randy
    from mecosta mi. not to far from u

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    welcome.Randy...take care of your heart...You only have one

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    thanks guys and yeah i also have a disc they want to remove and pin in my back its the l2 l3 l4 area and im not gonna doit itll screw me up all kindsa bad and im going in the 4th for sergery on my right shoulder for torn rotator cuff and torn labrom so i be down awhile but oh well life goes on and im gonna live it happy and fun

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    Welcome from Colorado



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