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    Very cool!!

    I have the cowl of a cj2a (with vin) that I would like to buid like this....

    Put this on pirate!!!
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    Oncler Fab Works

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    hell yyyeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

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    Somebody move this thing to the build section, I forget where to look for it. Anything new??

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    Looking great and seems like it's coming together super fast! Keep posting those pics. And great job on the custom work!

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    Thanks everybody. We've been slammed at work and getting other paying projects out the door. Tuesday, we found our race car transmission had a huge crack in it and have spent the last two days finding another case, rebuilding it, and putting the buggy back together after hours. We leave tomorrow morning. Next week, I'll hit the Willy's a bit harder.

    Not much different on the Jeep at this point... mocked up the frame at ride height and painted the body desert sand... then chocolate brown, but think it's going back to the tan. I also cut the back out of the grill to move it towards the engine 3 inches. Still playing with proportions before the body is hard mounted. Haven't decided if it is too long at 120" of wheelbase. I need to chop the windshield frame before deciding if the front axle will stay that far forward, or if I'm lobbing off my Model A inspired frame rails and pushing the tires closer to the grill. But here's a few pics of where it's at right now.

    not thrilled about the brown

    modified grill pushed back 3", I could get another inch if I redo the radiator crossmember

    overall, I'm happy with where it's going but that windshield needs at least 5" of the frame cut out of it

    If I didn't have this in the corner surrounded by non-running trucks, you could get a bigger picture of how freakishly long this thing is

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    I think it looks good long like that.

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    Please tell me you are for sure using those tires!

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    For now, those BFG short course race tires are the plan. Another racer gave them to me, but we focuss on endurance desert racing in a class 7 Tacoma and desert/rock racing in a 4wd unlimited buggy. These tires are the wrong size and compound for either kind of driving and feel like smoky burnouts on the pavement would be a better use for them than just sitting in the corner dry rotting!

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    Default Color

    You squash the brown color and try Olive Drap Lustreless..its the color used on military Jeeps in WWII...Don't know if the military thing intrests you or not. Or of course you could go with the tan. Both are excellent options! Keep up the good work looks awesome!!

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    Spent Saturday building our louver press. Very happy with the results and might buy a few more of those tools from Lowbuck...

    test piece. the rearcover panel behind the seats in the Jeep will have a ton of these

    can't believe how many hours it took to chop and blend this simple windshield frame, but at least it's done this morning

    closer shot

    blended in the original stamped "Willys" back in to it


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