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    Didn't get quite as much done as I had hoped, but a lot of good late night planning after a couple beers and staring at a mounted cooling system...

    lower radiator crossmember

    mounted in the frame

    complete cooling system

    approximate drivetrain location in the frame

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    Looks great. Coming together fast.

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    Very cool project. That front axel is over the top.

    sure do miss that ol' dog!

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    Thanks guys! Here's my motor cradle/frame mount I've been working on this weekend.

  5. Default 48 rat jeep

    looking good keep pics coming.

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    shes awesome, i love that front axle like you wouldnt believe.

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    Man that is awesome. You got some skills guy. Welds look great.

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    That engine cradle is pretty damn jazzy !!

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    This thing just keeps gettin cooler! Keep um comin

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    Thanks guys! Been slammed at work and we are prepping our Ultra 4 race buggy for a WEROCK event next weekend in Oklahoma. But... I hope to have the body tub on the frame by the end of the week. Then I can set ride height and start building the suspension.


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