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    Default 3 Month 1948 Jeep Rat Rod?

    Hello everyone! This is my first rat rod. I make a living building desert race trucks and rock crawlers in Austin, Texas at Krawltex Motorsports. When a customer gave me a free 1948 CJ2A tub, I had a bunch of ideas. But when I found the Randy Ellis Jeep, figured that was the road to take.

    You will probably see a bit of my offroad roots in this Jeep. It's doubtful it will be done before the Roundup, but stop by our shop if you are in town! I'd love to see your rides! It does however, need to be ready by May 26th when my bride and I will be driving off in it after the wedding reception.

    I have some 35" BFG short course race tires a 300 HP Chevy V8, turbo 400, and some other loose plans for it. I started building two weeks ago.

    Here is a pic of the larger pieces mocked up:

    I built the front axle out of 1/8" plate. The outer knuckles were robbed from a Jeep D30.

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    YES!!!! Love it

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    That looks cool

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    Looking good so far! Same year as my willys rat rod!

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    Looks freakin' cool. Can't wait to see more pics, great work!!!

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    Killer ride, keep the pics comin!

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    Thanks for the encouraging words. It's very apparent that I need to stop taking pics with my phone!

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    Holy crap - not exactly what I'D do with a 2A ... but keep the pics coming !

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    Been working on the frame this week. I am assembling the motor and transmission today and setting them between the frame rails. Here's what I've come up with so far.

    Front frame rails

    350 SBC

    Triple pass cross flow radiator

    Where I'm at this morning

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    Hell yeah! This thing is gonna be wicked! Great work! Keep it up and keep the pictures coming!


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