Seeing that some just don't get it, I have to post this. It pretty clear on the main forum page that the 60's is the cut off point for Rat Rods. 1969 to be exact. But due to some newbs not getting it here it is.

The posting of any vehicle that is newer than 1969 is NOT ALLOWED!! Don't even think about doing it. Your posts will be deleted and you risk a permanent ban from the site. This is not up for discussion and this is the way the site will remain. This rule is in place to keep out the so called idiots that think a flat black paint job on the 70's and newer car makes it a rat rod. As far as bikes go there is no year cutoff. There simply are not a lot of older bikes out there. Bikes must be a rat, no chromed out glossy paint and no "cafe" style bikes are allowed.

Enjoy the site,