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    Default 1951 chrysler windsor 2dr

    I have a 51 Windsor that has spent its whole life in Virginia, currently in South Carolina. It was restored in around 1982, lived a good life until around 1990 and then someone got her and abused her. She sat outside and unloved for nearly 10 years.

    1951 Chrylser Windsor
    Odometer showing around 26,650 miles
    Light blue paint
    Bias Ply tires w/ original hubcaps
    Factory Radio delete car.
    Spitfire flathead 6 w/ Fluid Matic Transmission

    The Good:
    I was told the mileage was accurate, but I never know if that should be believed or not. The odometer does work however.
    The chrome and trim remains in very good overall shape.
    The car cranks up and runs very well. it is all orginal 6 volt.
    The Fluid Matic Tranny shifts properly.
    The headlights and taillights work properly.
    The gauges all work and look great.
    The seats and headliner remain PERFECT.
    All the glass is good except the driver's door, which is cracked.
    Cowl vent opens and closes properly and is not rusted out at all.
    All windows roll up and down properly
    Bias ply spare tire included

    The Bad:
    Whoever reinstalled the chrome trim didn't use all of the clips, so it needs to be reinstalled properly.
    The clearcoat is peeling over most of the car.
    The dash pad is shot and needs replaced.
    Blinkers and brake lights do not want to work. I am not sure if is wiring or switch related. I will be looking into the problem as soon as possible.
    The left front running light lense is missing.
    Ash tray is missing.
    Some pitting on interior chromed pieces.
    The door panels are in fair condition, but not super.
    The brakes are shot. I just purchased all new wheel cylinders, but have not installed them.
    The heater blower motor doesn't seem to work.
    I have not tried the wipers. It has mismatched wiper arms and no blades, so I removed them as this annoyed me.
    Tires hold air fine but have some cracking so I am not sure of their safety. Good tread though.
    Car does have a few rust issues in: Passanger floor pan, spare tire well, right rear rocker panel, right side door, rear deck just below the trunk lid has a small bad spot, and the front two body mounts are rusty.

    I think this is a really good car to tinker with and just drive or restore along the way. If it doesn't sell, then I will do just that. However I already have one car in the pipeline and I can't build both simultaneously.

    The first $4,000 OBO takes her and I will entertain reasonable trade offers. New wheel cylinders included and possibly installed depending on when it sells. The more work I am able to do, the less wiggle room there is on the price though!

    Please Contact me on here or at my email address with any questions or offers.


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    Just an update on the car.
    The front now has new wheel cylinders, outer bearings, and brake hoses installed.
    I just ordered a set of BFG Silvertowns for it that will be installed this week.
    The engine will also be receiving new plugs and wires, along with new oil and filter this week. I also have a new belt going on.
    The old battery would not hold a charge, so I just picked up a brand new $80 battery for the car.

    $4,000 for the car w/ all of this done is a great price for a unique old car!
    Feel free to ask any questions.

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    Bump to the top.
    Still got the car. Still for sale.

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    didnt you just buy that car from Brandon?

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    Yep. I put all the necessary work and money to get it driveable into it. And threw on a new set of White Wall Silvertown bias plys because the tires on it were shot. Got new brakes, taillights work now, new battery, repaired starter, new belt, new plugs, oil, filter.....
    I've got a Coronet that I'm finishing up now. If I don't sell this by the time I finish the Coronet, then I'll keep going on it and give it to my wife. If I sell it, thats good too cuz it'll help me finish the Coronet quicker.

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    Default trade?

    intersted in a trade for this? runs and drives. lights work.



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