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    Exclamation E-mails to the Admin

    To the newbs here on the site,

    Please stop e-mailing me with cars, parts and such that you have or are trying to sell.
    I do not sell items for users nor am I interested in buying anything. If you have parts or a rat rod to sell please use the proper "For Sale" sections in the forums. If you send me e-mails about your items for sale they will and do get deleted without a reply.

    Note: Any e-mails sent to me with attitude get deleted. I will not put up with some newb spouting off about how long it takes to get registered or if they can't figure it out and complain about it. Most cases it's an issue on your end. Also most of you have your spam filters set so high my responses if I do try to help get kicked back because you guys block them. So in other words I try to help and you guy don't get it. When registering allow e-mails to be received from and realized that I to have a life and don't work weekends, this means new accounts from Friday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's don't get approved until Monday morning.

    Last edited by admin; 09-28-2011 at 06:34 PM.



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