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    if you dissolve some copper in the muratic acid it gives you a nice green mossy look when you spray it on.

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    This is hands down the coolest thing I have read on here so far. The more time I spend on here, The more I learn that this place is a HUGE wealth of knowledge. I'm just grateful there is a resource out there for young know-nothings like me :p, Thank you KillBillies.

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    Thanks for the step-by-step process.. This should help more than a few people!

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    You may not need all that. I spayed muratic acid on some old rusty wheels to remove some rust. They looked good.. But....
    I forgot to rinse one of them off really good and the rust was back the next day.(clean rust, not scaley like before I did it)..

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    Here's something you guys need to know about Muratic Acid. First let me tell ya, I'm a metal sculptor/artsit and I use Muratic Acid & Copper sulfate for rust patinas alot.
    The thing you need to know is Muratic Acid can't be just rinsed away. What I mean is, it will keep RUSTING and WILL distroy the metal it is applied to, over time. Also the climate you are in will have an effect on the speed of rusting.
    You gotta neutralize with baking soda water mix, and sometimes that doesn't work.
    It's kinda hit or miss. Just something to consider before spraying that the stuff.
    Here's the best way to get a rust patina, either sand blast the steel if you can, if you can't, clean the steel with a good degreaser and spray with vinegar. Let the steel dry then just simply spray the steel with your garden hose. Everytime it dries, spray again and the rust will be awsome.

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    I was able to get the same effect on a test panel without the use of muratic acid. Degreased, sprayed on vinegar, then used a salt/vinegar/hydrogen peroxide mixture. Might try heat blackening the metal after the vinegar to see if the carbon will give a darker rust.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I mixed Salt water up warm to dilute the salt real good... spray bottle and kept spraying it every few hours for a few days.. while I was home... and about 3 more times during the work week evenings... and matched the dark deep looking rust pretty close.

    Spray it... let it dry then spray it again... then if you can try to spray it about 5 times not letting it dry at all during that point...
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