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    Default Resetting your password or email

    Attention users,

    If your trying to reset your password or changed your e-mail there a a couple of things you need to make sure you do. First off with your e-mail make sure that anything from is set as a safe sender or make sure that we are not blocked. This is the most important thing. If you don't get the reset e-mails your not going to be able to reset the password or the email. Lastly if your resetting your e-mail do not switch to GMAIL you will be blocked and no exceptions can be made to this rule so don't even ask. All verification e-mails sent are done automatically by the Vbulliten system and they do get sent, we have tested the system several times with several e-mails and it does work. If you don't get them there is nothing we can do. It's simply an e-mail blocker on your end. DO NOT ask me to e-mail you your password. i don't have access to them and thus cannot e-mail them to you. Write it down in case you forget.


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