Hey ya'll, I was searching through a junk yard and found what I was told was a 37 english ford sedan. Looks like a model A sedan to me. BUT does have right hand drive.

Are the rear end, wheels, front end, etc. the same as an American ford?
Please tell me they didn't have metric stuff back then...
I could get the thing for parts pretty cheap. The car is intact, two tires have air in them.

Body isnt bad Plenty of "patina" but lots of the car is there. The trim rings are on the wheels but they are pretty bad off. All kinds of 'trim" piled in it. But I can't tell if it goes to that car or not.

I don't need the car but want parts off of it to use on my stuff. I can't get it out of there whole too much stuff (mountains) of JUNK piled around it so I'll have to get it one piece at a time and it's a quarter of a mile walk through the place to get back there to it.
It'll be a waste but the JY guys aren't going to help in any way
the only thing they care about is scrap right now...

I didn't want to let these guy know I was too interested before I get the price out of 'em. Sooooooo, is any of this car worth anything? (if its not METRIC)