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    Default 50's buick port holes

    my name is buggmann

    i'm looking for a set of 1950's buick port holes
    3 each side or 4 each side it does not matter

    i dont want new ones

    if some one has some let me know cash or trade

    thanks buggmann

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    Try this guy out I have bought a few items from him when I had my 56 Special, His prices are very fair and he knows his stuff, here ya go,
    Buick Bonery
    6970 Stamper Way
    Sacramento Ca, 95828
    Hope it works for you!
    You never find your car, she will find you!

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    Default buick port holes

    I have some if you need them. Will have to check the garage. The ones I have are for a 51-52 buick super. Supers have 3 and roadmasters have 4.



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