thanks guys.

I got the back window in. what a job that was. I went yesterday and bought some black speaker box carpet. after I chopped the inner skin we wrapped it with the speaker carpet, we also wrapped the front inner windshield wiper motor cover. kinda temp screwed the rear inner back window cover in.

I never installed a back window, the glass guy told me to use a 1950's chevy truck seal. we used windex to lube the seal to get the window in. we were about all the way in but the window wouldn't center its self into the cab. 6 hands pushing both ways and we popped it inside the cab and had to start over. beak time I called out. we regrouped and switched to wd-40, that was working well until we popped it into the cab about half way around, break time again. after 3 hours and on the last try we got it in along with the locking strip and its over with. I think my thumbs will be sore for a week or so.