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    Default '53 Ford F100 Gasser

    Going for the gasser look for something different. Need to know the best way to raise the front end about 3"-4" without changing steering geometry to much. Anybody have any ideas? It's still got the stock front axle.
    Also, where's the best place to get some wide white cheaters?
    Will post pics soon.
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    I'm not sure about raising the front front 3"-4" without changing the steering geometry, but I can tell you where to get Whitewall cheaters. I have had very good luck with the Micky Thompson pie crust cheater slicks that Radir sells. Here is a link.
    I may not be good but I sure am slow.

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    Thanks, I just ordered a pair!

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    Hey guys, I have been thinking on this idea as well,but in truth know nothing about the "conversion" to gasser style.Whats involved?



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