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    Default Pics of your cowl steering setup?

    Looking for pics of underdash /cowl steering setups.



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    By no means legit, clean, or done but this is what I have so far.

    The clutch pedal was cut, and extended waay back towards the seat with sort of a 1/4 eliptical shape so that when its pressed all the way in it still clears the steering box.

    The brake pedal was cut and spaced over .5" using 1/2 plate. No interference with the gas pedal.

    The steering shaft has 2 3/4" u joints in it for a kick over, with a pillow bearing on the bottom of the dash. Do not use a pillow bearing, they move, I basically currently have tilt wheel with no lock and when you turn the steering wheel goes all over the place. I plan to redo that in the coming weeks..

    The u joints are weld on, and were 45 dollars from the local speed (oval racing) shop..

    My pitman arm is actually on the top of the shaft, rather then the bottom, because that is the only way it will work, if i flop it on the bottom is back wards.

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    Default sreeting

    what is the box and column out of?

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    very cool! i plan to do my corvair steering box like this with a great big gaudy pitman arm! there so cool!!

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    I recently completed my 28 Dodge using a Corvair box under dash
    and I'm very happy with the results. Very good steering with no slop
    or death wobble.........
    Be sure to keep the drag link parrell to the radius rod or as close as possible.Attachment 52204

    Attachment 52205"Just because it's primer, doesn't make it a rat"

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    BTW This is the steering kit I used and was very happy with the setup.."Just because it's primer, doesn't make it a rat"

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    i am trying to do this too more pics please

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    Only part way done but here is what I've got so far.

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    Yes more pics please, I plan on doing this with my truck and need as much help as i can get with it, Thanks.


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