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    Sep 2008
    Marietta MN the reason you have to ask where that is .. is why I live here

    Default My pumpkin entry

    Seen all the great work on here thought I would go with the shameless plug for killbillet.
    Brian kc0kfg

    “”Having someone else build your car is like having some other guy getting your wife pregnant and then bragging about it””

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    Default added crime tape

    cant take it anymore
    rat man

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    Default Here's Mine

    great stuff guys. here's my carving.
    cApTeN ICON

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    am I too late?

    I've got a thing for sugar skull art:
    me and my wife for halloween this year

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    It was to hard to pick a winner. So you guys get to vote to see who wins.............

    Vote here:


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    I fear that I don't have enough friends. ha

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    best punkins ever!
    Bodyman, painter, frame guy.. basically I hit sh*t with hammers..


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