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    Default Radiator hose for gas filler neck??

    I posted earlier about pvc that was used in a section of the gas filler neck of my Truck project. That seemed like a no-no and was confirmed as so by you guys.
    Next, I am getting yesses and no's about the use of Radiator hose being used as part of the filler section from cap to tank.
    Anyone here tried it, and what's your opinion of using it?
    The project did have rad. hose and a section of pvc in it before, and it looked like it worked for years! I wouldn't have thought of it, but looks as though it does work. Just wanted comfirmation or experience to help in a decision.
    Googled it and got yeahs and neah's.

    Thanks, Kenny P.

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    they have actual hose fo rthe filler necks its kinda pricey compared to getting into a stash of old radiator hoses these aren't recommended I have used them before BUT I did not have the vehicle very long afterwards to tell you how long the rad hose held up for no longer gasoline is actually on your filler hose it might work for quite some time but its not what is recommended the only reason I used radiator hose was I had it and it didn't cost me anything and I really only needed it for a splice over a steel neck that needed to be cut and placed at a different angle personally I would say just do it right the first time you should really take chances with gas for less than ten bux you should be able to get it done right!! Good Luck!!
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    AWESOME! That will work perfect, Thanks Noowife.

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    Went by Napa today and got gas filler neck hose/tubing................
    22 bucks a foot! Yikes! Only needed a foot, but geezuz, kinda pricey for a chunk of rubber dontcha think?!
    But at least I know it I won't have to worry about it now.
    Just have to bleed the brakes and then hit the road tomorrow.

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    Awesome. This saved me time to start threads. I also have this confusion about fuel filler neck and the radiator hose. Thanks a lot for your post. Still helps me even though its a bit late. Cheers!



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