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    Wink DatSun BulletSide RatroD

    :: hey Guyz, I'm brand New here, jus wanted to join in, and share with u all my project...... I have put a lot of Blood, sweat, and Tears into it, so If it'z gonna be a negative reply, Don't Bother!! jus wanted to hear some opinionz from tha Pros....Please feel free to post a reply, and say what u do, or don't like about it!!

    here are tha Build Details:::
    79' DatsuN- 620- BulletsiDe>>

    4" traditional body drop
    1 1/4" stock floor
    IRS from a 1980 Datsun 280Z
    Cantilever front suspension (in Cab)
    4" Chop Top Roof
    2" Horizontal Body Section
    10" Bed Bob
    Full Back half ( 4 x 2 ) box Tubing
    Water Jet cut Custom Cantilever Bracketz (front & back)
    Homeade Front Upper & Lower Control Armz..
    All Custom Crossmemberz
    Rear Cantilever Shockz
    Shortened Steering Column
    Slam Specialtiez Bagz
    2-3 Gallon Air Tankz
    Burlap Gunny Sack Seatz & door Panelz
    Coker White Wallz
    Powdercoated Wheelz, and Engine Componentz
    Body iz Soda Blasted to bare metal, and Clearcoated

    Truck Layz Door SO HARD, that it'z almost impossible 2 open doorz when completly layed
    Don't know what I scrape more... My frame, or tha bottom of tha door edge...

    This truck is a real headturner, not yur everyday minitruck, but I can't even take it to tha' gas station, without 10 people gathering around it, and checkin' it out.... jus tha fact it iz SO slammed, people are mind boggled it can even drive!! they stand in confusion, and disbelief, when I drive it off!! lol

    Total Measurement to highest point of Roof is 39"
    Total Build Time= 950+ hrz......

    Oh! and let me know if u want me to post more Picz of tha Girlz w/ tha truck!! I'd be glad to!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	images-Spring-Break-Jam-2009-SBJ0900126.jpg 
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Name:	P8060007.JPG 
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ID:	33158  
    Last edited by Bulletside; 04-24-2009 at 09:40 PM.

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    Well..........I give it 2 thumbs way up.

    people complain sayin it ain't pre 64 or what ever but back in the day hotrodders built what they had. We just try to emulate the look or create a new look.

    You did just that. Nice job!!

    ((the hot girls helped too)) but might wanna pull the one with her nipples showin......I like it but someone may grumble..
    Last edited by ratdaddytattoo; 04-24-2009 at 10:21 PM.
    Rat Daddy and his 55 soto.

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    bro that truck is killer!! got any pics of the roof chop? i have a "rat styled" datsun too,and want to chop it .did you need a donor roof ? let me know aloha pat

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    .........WOW!!!! That thing is cool!!!
    Screw the image it's all about the cars!!!

    56 Olds Holiday Super 88 324 - theirs
    48 Chevy aerosedan 225 56 Caddy front bumper- hers
    73 Dart 225 4 door with fender skirt - his
    69 D100 SWB 225 bagged- his
    66 Dart 225 - hers


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    great datsun!
    you should consider lowering it...(;
    Praise the LOWERED, and pass the PRIMER GUN.

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    awesome mate!!

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    That is the first Cantilever front suspension that I have seen in cab. WOW ! BY-FAR the best and lowest mini i have seen "rat styled".

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    That is cool as H3LL. If you get one complaint from the pre 64 guys it will amaze me.

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    Way creative! Great.

    I wish my son would come over to the Dark Side and rat his minis.

    "Bold talk for a one eyed fatman"

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    Am I the only one that upsized the pic with the chick on the hood. Nice unexpected full boob...... LOL


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