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    Default 1940 Ford Hydraulic Brake adjusting? Help.

    I have a 1940 ford truck front end on my car with the hydraulic drum brakes. I figured out that the two bolts on the upper backside adjust the shoes in and out. I'm having a hard time adjusting them and would like some advice. I put car on jackstands and spin the wheel while turning each bolt until there is a slight drag. After trying this several times I still can't seem to get them to stop very good. If I just push the pedal they go almost to the floor before stopping, if I pump it a couple of times they seem to work ok. I don't think I have air in the line because after I pump them a couple of times the pedal seems to hold and doesn't go to the floor but I have to pump them each time I stop to build up the pedal. Any suggestions? Should I bleed the brakes? Is there a trick to adjusting them just right? How do I make sure both shoes are adjusting evenly? Thanks for any help, DK

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    Default brakes

    Hi,if the truck brakes are like the car,there are four adjusting points.The bottom adjusters have little dots on them and should face each other to start.Adjust till you feel a slight to good drag on each side.Then move to top adjusters and repeat for each side.There needs to be a pretty good drag on wheel because they will loosen a bit.I know this is condensed but I hope it helps.****
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