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    Thumbs up 42 Chevy PU Out-Cast

    Well its back on Ebay one more time. $16999. and I will pay the shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. Maybe even if it hits the reserve. I got to move it:cool:Dan

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    Thumbs up 42 Chey P/U

    Hot-****! That is one sweet look'in little truck. It's what I have been dreaming of building, if I ever get to build one. If you built this your self, Dan, you did one hell of a job! They don't get any better than this one. Wish I had the money, I'd buy it in a second! Just hope I can do as good a job as this. Not an offer to buy, but felt I had to compliment you on a great piece of work, worth every penny too!

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    Turkish Thanks Yes I built it from the ground up:cool: Dan



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