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    Default SBC cooling a must read for sbc owners

    I was searching the internet looking to find the width of a vega rear end and found and article with some pretty interesting info. The article is a reply on a v8 vega swap. Don't know if it is true or not, but thought I would share. I wonder if it is true about the monza water pump and pulley, never heard that before...........

    The solution is to block the thermostat bypass opening on the water pump and add (2) 1/8" vent holes in the Robertshaw 330-160 (160) thermostat.

    Additionally, 3 and 4 row radiators will not help to cool these engines because there is no room to place an adequate fan behind the radiator. The solution here is a 15"x21" V8 Monza 2 Row Radiator with a constant-pitch Monza 7 Blade Engine Driven Fan resting inside a V6 Pontiac Sunbird Radiator Shroud.

    The only modification required when using these parts is the construction of a pair of drop brackets to lower the stock vega radiator mounting points 3" overall. Everything else is a bolt-in affair.

    I thought I would also mention that many people overlook the success of the V8 Monza when trying to address their own cooling system problems.

    V8 Monza's had a unique 'short' water pump with a high-flow impeller that differs from the standard GM Short (Early) Water Pump.

    V8 Monza's also used a special water pump pulley that was over 2" smaller in diameter than the crankshaft pulley to speed up coolant flow and cooling fan rpm.

    Another lesson to be learned from the V8 Monza is radiator surface area. So many V8 Vega's I see suffer from overheating problems and in almost every case, a 3 or 4 row radiator is used with a very dense (14-16 fins per inch) fin count.

    While high fin counts do offer more contact area, they are also more restrictive to airflow and more susceptable to plugging with debris.

    The V8 Monza with A/C used a 2 row radiator with a very 'loose' fin count to promote airflow. The main reason for the thinner 2 row core was it allowed room to install a very large 7 blade (17") fixed-pitch cooling fan.

    Most V8 Monza's did not have a fan shroud and only those with 'Heavy-Duty Cooling' were so equipped.

    In short, many enthusiasts overlook these simple, proven techniques successfully employed by GM Engineers in the construction of the V8 Monza.

    I need Model A parts in Jax FL

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